Japanese thirty big tourist spot game

日本名勝地30案内(Japanese scenic spot place 30 guide)




A refreshing season is met in Japan. One over 1 calls “wind Kaoru Satsuki” this time, and it’s said to be one of the most refreshing pleasant months even over 1. 30 Japanese scenic spot places are shown. 135th anniversary of Yomiuri Shimbun first publication is commemorated in selection of 30 and writer’s taste is being seasoned based on chosen “Heisei hyakukei”.

About 1100 pictographs of Japanese origination were drawn to the left of a screen. Please enjoy yourself.

There are no mineral resources such as this in Japan, but it’s blessed with the abundant nature colored clear four seasons. I should be very much obliged if it be the trigger from which I learn about beauty of Japan.

遊び方(How to play)


To kill time, a Roulette game was prepared. When the lucky number is won, a fanfare rings. Accordingly, please use it.

Japanese scenic spot place 30 guide





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